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Bill Faster

bill accurately with our seamless ehr solutions


EHR Solutions for BillingBilling can be a time-consuming, error-prone exercise that often leads to incorrect payments for your services. Our integrated Billing module provides a total billing package that is seamlessly woven throughout other features of our EHR solutions. You will eliminate redundant data entry, save money on infrastructure, join your clinicians and billing staff together in the same EHR environment, and make your entire operation a model of efficiency. Get paid the right amounts faster by automating this process with the Billing module included with our EHR solutions.

  • Auto-create claims at check in or upon completion of notes
  • Automated insurance eligibility check
  • Bill to any clearinghouse
  • Ad-hock and canned real-time reports
  • Auto-create claims & auto-post payments
  • Patient ledger
  • Claim scrubber and batch uploading
  • CPT code customization
  • Accept online credit card payments

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