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We'll take your paper forms

and create a verbatim electronic copy

Electronic Medical Notes

EHR Software Companies Custom FormsGive better care and stay compliant with our Electronic Medical Notes module that will allow you to create exact replicas of your current medical forms that you can fill out electronically for greater accuracy, thoroughness, and timeliness. Our unique replication system of your existing forms is what makes EHR YOUR WAY a leader among EHR software companies.

  • Create individual or group note templates
  • Report on any field on any form
  • Auto-populate new forms with previously saved data
  • Set up reminders to fill out necessary forms and stay compliant
  • Auto-forward forms to supervisors
  • Auto-populate forms with data patients enter through their portal
  • Create specific rules in forms to avoid missing mandatory fields
  • Accept electronic signatures from both clinicians and patients
  • Create content lists for fields for easy, standardized record-keeping and reporting