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Ad Hoc & Real-Time Custom Reports

offer tremendous ehr benefits to management, productivity, and financial processes


Custom Reports among our top EHR BenefitsEasily create reports with our Reporting module. Our reports will help you identify areas for improvement in clinical care, marketing, finance and operations. This impressive module ranks as one of our top EHR benefits and offers powerful and flexible reporting which can give you immediate answers to nearly any question you might have in mind.

  • Create your own real-time ad hoc reports
  • Report on any field on any form
  • Schedule reporting & delivery to management
  • Track inventory, medication, attendance, employee compensation, and referrals

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Our unique reporting system is seamlessly integrated throughout the EHR, which means that you can easily transition every piece of data into a useful report. This level of integration allows for information to flow between the clinical and financial aspects of your agency/clinic. Financial reports can include demographic or clinical information, while clinical staff can view a patient’s open balance information. The result is that every piece of patient or practice information is accessible wherever it is needed.