Behavioral health deals with a wider variety of problems than one expects. It establishes an important connection between one’s behaviour and health status, especially the mind, spirit, and body. This branch of healthcare addresses a wide variety of problems including mental health issues, substance abuse, normal habits of a person and so on. Each of these problems addressed by behavioral health carries significant stigma in today’s world.

Why do we see behavioral health issues as an important threat to society? This is mainly due to the prevalence of mental health conditions (1 in 4 people suffer from some form of mental health condition today). Furthermore, statistical evidences show us that the incidence of mental health diseases and substance abuse is really high around the world, it can even be considered an outbreak!

Then comes the question – how can this outbreak be controlled? The outbreak of mental health related issues along with substance abuse requires extra care and attention, especially by healthcare professionals. Family doctors and primary care providers need to be aware of these issues and be smart in collecting this information from their patients in an effort to recognize these problems. However, taking down this history on paper is of little use as later it will only be available to you and your clinic.

The introduction of EHR for behavioral health helps to generate paperless, readily available clinical data for healthcare professionals to recognize and monitor such patients easily. EHR YOUR WAY will help you track these health issues along with other medical conditions the patient suffered from in the past. When this same patient visits a different doctor EHR YOUR WAY will help the patient by providing all necessary details about their past mental health and substance abuse history. In this way, healthcare professionals are able to plan the best possible treatment plan.

The major advantage of EHR YOUR WAY is that the data stored in it cannot be lost. It is designed in such a way that the data is absolutely correct and error free. This clinical data bank helps in the follow-up of patients with substance abuse or mental health conditions. Moreover, doctors will find it easy to prescribe medications by checking the patient’s history using EHR YOUR WAY. Beneficially, doctors will have the patient’s allergy anamnesis to avoid prescribing the wrong medications, increasing patient safety!

EHR YOUR WAY tracks the number of patient visits to the hospital or clinic. This data can be an important diagnostic element in the diagnosis of mental health conditions or substance abuse. By using EHR YOUR WAY the clinician organizes and records healthcare data in a way that makes it accessible anytime, anywhere. As a result, patients spend less time re-providing previously recorded information and doctors are able to manage their time more effectively with patient data at their fingertips.
Finally, EHR YOUR WAY does not require extensive, time-consuming training because of it its user-friendly interface. This makes it more readily available to a variety of users in most clinical and hospital settings.