Happiness is merely not a single word, but a collection of emotions. There are different ways people define happiness, but what is happiness to you. Who can give a right explanation for the term happiness? It is really hard to explain what happiness is, as it is a collection of emotions, and also they vary among individuals. Even the stimulus for these emotions may vary from each other. For instance, most people says that happiness is when they get to lay back and stay whole day in the bed without rushing into the office early in the morning, while other says that going to the gym early in the morning is their happiness. You cannot actually strictly define what happiness is.

In some instances, the emotions that made you happy yesterday will not make you happy today. This shows that the happiness is the perception of emotions in that very moment, rather than reacting to determined situations. Generally, psychologists classify the happiness into four levels.

Level 1 is the happiness from objects. People get the happiness from certain objects. These objects connect with the people’s emotion and the outcome is happiness. However, this type of happiness retains only for a short period of time
Level 2 of happiness is when the person compares himself or herself to be superior. This type of happiness stays for slightly longer duration than level 1, but it does not persists for a very longer duration as well. This type of happiness comes from personal satisfaction, for instance after winning a football match, or after passing an exam.

Level 3 of happiness is when a person does good deeds to the others. This type of happiness is when a person feels happy of being morally advanced by being selfless. Everyone cannot go into this level, but a person who has experienced this level of happiness; always want to taste the happiness again and again.

Level 4 of happiness is when the person searches for completeness and fullness. This fullness and the completeness supply a person with perfect happiness.

However, there are instances where lack of happiness is evident and this is not a normal state of the mental health. The exact deviation of the mental health can only be assessed by the mental health provider, in the presence of enough information. That is why he will need to collect a thorough medical history and behavioral history of the person. Why is this important? There are instances where mental health disorders as if depression can be manifested as a symptom of unhappiness. How can the mental health provider diagnose it? These doctors need, to sum up, these data in one place so that they can view all the possibilities for the loss of happiness. The EHR mental health software helps to organize these data for you while letting you to store them and compare the symptoms when needed. In this way, EHR mental health software helps to state the correct diagnosis and also it aids to track the follow-up of a person.