Attachment is something develops beyond our control. It is merely like an addiction to a substance. For instance, an attachment can be developed between a mother and a child. The child starts to depend on the mother for his protection, and even to share his emotions. You can call it as an extreme form of love or a deep emotional bond that perish between two individuals. It can happen in maternal relationships, paternal relationships, between partners and in many other types of relationships.

Nevertheless, everyone enjoys attachment at the beginning, but as the time passes by, some attachments may become painful. Sometimes, over expression of love interferes in the other person’s life as he completely leans on to the other and impacts a huge burden in the form of an attachment. Sometimes, people think that over expression of love is an essential commodity in certain relationships such as between partners. This form of attachment in most situations fail as both the partner does not have a mutual consent for the same type of attachment.

In order to know further about the attachments a person has, you need to understand that attachment has two important components. The first component of attachment checks whether this person can be trusted, while the other component analyses, how to get most of the needs out of the other person. The application of such components can make a stir in a relationship when the attachment style of the two people in a relationship is totally opposite. The resulted conflict can make people hate each other or in most instances to develop OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. In this form of mental health disorder, when one of the partners is affected by deep attachment, it might disturb the other person’s life. And above all what is dangerous about this condition is that an attachment can make a person go to any extreme in order to get the attachment back.

How do you understand that the attachment your partner has on you is slightly abnormal or weird? Most of the time, it can be seen as a rude behavior when you tries to break or disturb the attachment. In such situations, a mental health provider can only help to make things easy between the partners. The mental health provider collects the history including behavioral history and medical history of the person as a rule. These data need to be in one place as this helps the mental health provider in stating the diagnosis of OCD. The use of EHR medical software helps to feed these data into the software. This software helps to organize all the personal data of a person who comes for help, so that a doctor can see the changes happening in the mental health of the person. Also this EHR mental health software helps to state accurate diagnosis. This diagnosis gives the chance for the necessary corrections and to keep the OCD under control so that the love between the partners will not be affected.